Prenatal Supplements to Support You Throughout Pregnancy

Your Complete Guide

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to take a prenatal multivitamin…

But there is so much more that your body needs to ensure a healthy pregnancy!

Download this free guide to learn exactly what supplements you’ll need to support your body and your baby during pregnancy.

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

From your trusted fitness and nutrition coach for new and expecting mamas,
Stephanie Sibbio CSEP-CEP, CNP

Download this guide to get:


Types of supplements you’ll need to support your body and your baby during pregnancy.


List of recommended top quality brands and optimal dosages for each supplement.


Daily supplement plan so that you know when to take each supplement throughout the day.

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Meet Steph

Stephanie Sibbio is a Holistic Health Coach based in Toronto. As a fitness professional and holistic nutritionist, she is dedicated to helping new and expecting moms thrive in health and fitness. Her passion is in helping create positive and healthy habits, in order to attain and maintain a happy and energetic quality of life throughout pregnancy and beyond!

Stephanie is a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP) and Holistic Nutritionist (CNP). She graduated from York University with Specialized Honours in Kinesiology, and a Certification in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counselling. She is also a graduate from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition as a Holistic Nutritionist with a Certificate in Naturally Designed Pregnancy & Early Childhood.

Fun Fact: Although Steph has been working with new and expecting moms for many years, she has only just recently given birth to a baby of her own and used this exact supplement plan throughout her pregnancy!

Download This Prenatal Supplements Guide

To Support You Throughout Pregnancy

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