Mother’s Helper Tea


This is the final piece of the puzzle during the perinatal time.  Once your pregnancy and initial healing is over, one of the biggest struggles for many new moms is ensuring that there is ample milk supply for baby!  This herbal formula helps to increase milk supply, as well as continue to help the uterus contract as it works its way back down to size.

Start drinking this tea as soon as baby is born and continue drinking it daily for as long as you are breast feeding!

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  • Blessed Thistle: This herb is a great one for milk production (galactagogue), and also helps with postpartum depression.
  • Fenugreek: As well as a milk producing herb, this herb helps to decrease inflammation and aids in digestion.
  • Goat’s Rue: This herb helps with milk production, but is also great for balancing blood sugar.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf: As mentioned above, this herb is most importantly used to help tone the uterus.  This is important post birth as your uterus has a lot of work to do to get back down to size.
  • Nettle: This herb is a nutritive tonic, which helps to keep nutrients up for mom and baby.
  • Fennel: This herb is great for milk production and also helps to ease digestion for both mom and baby.  Great for colic and gas.
  • Motherwort: This herb is great for anxiety relief, can prevent hemorrhage, and is a uterine tonic
  • Red Clover: This herb is rich in minerals, helps with milk production, supports the lymphatic system and helps to balance estrogen.
  • Schizandra: This herb is an adaptogen which is a class of herbs that helps to support the adrenal glands to decrease stress (which every new mom could use).

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