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Read what clients say about our work together.

Erica Mcmanus

As someone who has long struggled with healthy body image and fitness goals, Stephanie gave me a confidence that I never had before.

In my time training with her, she pushed my physical limitations more than I ever would have working out on my own.

All the while never making me feel bad about my size or abilities. As a result, I became stronger, leaner, healthier, and more educated about exercise, form and healthy eating. I also ran my first ever 5k marathon thanks to her.

She made our sessions fun and kept things fresh and unique.

She is so well knowledged, that I continued to train with her all throughout my pregnancy. Without a doubt, the benefits of that training had a tremendous positive effect on both my pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Julia Robarts

Steph is an excellent trainer – I’ve recommended her to friends and they all agree. I love her creativity and variety of routines. She knows how to keep the workout interesting and a little harder each time to ensure I’m challenged and improving my strength. I worked out into my 38th week of pregnancy and knew I could trust Steph to ensure I was working out safely and in a way that would help in delivery and recovery. It really did improve my energy levels when I didn’t feel like leaving the house.

Now that I have two young kids, it seems impossible for me to find time to go to the gym. But Steph makes it easy. I know I can commit to using the short windows of time I have when the kids are napping. Steph is also current with all the latest fitness trends and shares tips on nutrition and meals. I feel like I have access to an industry expert on how to make the most of my exercise time and the best foods for my body and family. Thanks to Steph, I feel stronger and healthier, and am better able to keep up with my kids!

Catherine Gillis

Steph is amazing! She helped me get back into shape after my first pregnancy. Steph would come to the house and entertain my baby while I worked out, she was patient and flexible and very supportive. I never felt so good! During my second pregnancy I continued to workout with Steph, she adjusted the workouts to accommodate how I was feeling , she gave me knowledgeable and helpful advice with diet. After my baby was born she continues to be supportive and has helped me regain energy and confidence.

Bobi Emery

Steph, I can’t tell you how glad I am that you came into my life. Ever since I had Ella, I’ve been frustrated with exercise and my body. You’ve helped me meet my goals using types of exercise that works for me and food recommendations all while taking my body and needs into consideration. This is a unique quality you have and something that any potential client will immediately appreciate. Don’t ever lose that! You are a fabulous person and I’m privileged to know you.

Jody Ho

Stephanie is amazing! She started working with me after my third child was born. She is extremely accommodating and changes exercises or routines based on my needs even incorporating my needy baby into the day’s workout if needed. I’ve done a few workouts with Baby on my back and Steph easily changed the exercises so Baby was comfortable and I still got a great workout.

I suffered a few physical issues after having 3 kids. Steph is knowledgeable, sympathetic and encouraging about these issues and is helping me feel stronger and healthier after each workout. Thanks Steph!

Ali De Bold

Working out with Steph has been the best decision I’ve made for my health. I’ve been working out with her since my first baby was 6 weeks old with a group of friends. That was 4 years ago. I find her workouts challenging but fun, and always different. She understands the post-baby body better than any trainer I’ve worked with. I now have 2 kids and both were born by c-section. She had me in the best shape of my life in a matter of months, while taking extra care to consider my injuries. She’s fantastic with kids too so if they don’t have the patience for my workout, she engages them or carries them.

I work out with Steph 2 days a week now and have even looped my husband in (he loves it). Though her specialty is pregnant and new moms, I’d recommend Steph to anyone. Whether you are already very fit (like my husband) or looking to tone up after a baby, she’s worth every penny. She’s also studying nutrition so I’ve learned a ton from her during my sessions. I can’t say enough.

Catherine Parry

Steph has been the absolute best! I was suffering from a lot of pain in my wrists and left knee. The pain was very bad that I missed doing exercises like push-ups and mountain climbers (if you can believe it). Through the food plan she designed specifically for me, the pain was significantly decreased. I have a lot of intolerances and food sensitivities so it’s definitely a challenge in finding the right foods for me to eat and work within a meal plan, but somehow Steph did it! Her holistic approach is exactly what I like.

Steph has a detailed process where she really gets to the bottom of the source of your pain and any other health issues you may be experiencing. What I love about the program with Steph is that she will explain to me why avoiding certain foods is best so I’m learning about it as well. Steph has been kind, dedicated, and encouraging throughout the whole plan, and she’s even working on a new plan for me to incorporate my new goals and recent diagnosis!

Joanna Rivard

Steph has trained me for five years and if it weren’t for my weekly appointments with her I’m fairly sure I’d have given up exercising roughly about the time I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. Two babies later I continue to be thankful for her approach, her enthusiasm, her experience and humour.

I love the fact that no two workouts are the same and that she motivates me to push myself to a degree that I never would if working out alone. I have really appreciated her knowledge of the pregnant and post-natal body and her ability to motivate during the early post-natal months when working out can feel challenging and a little overwhelming.

Steph also happens to be something of a baby whisperer which helps when the little ones wake up part-way through a set of burpees. I have always appreciated the fact that she is happy to incorporate the babies into a workout or just let them play with her bag of tricks while she makes us do one more set of lunges. Having small kids makes working out quite a challenge but Steph understands that, and her positive and holistic approach makes things seem achievable again!

Emily Wilson

Steph has been instrumental in helping me get back into shape post baby. She’s fun and she pushes me to work so much harder than I would on my own!

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