How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Alive

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It’s January!  That glorious time of year when everyone makes a list of all their New Year’s Resolutions.  More often than not, these resolutions involve something health and fitness related.  This year will be different!  This year will be better!  I’m going to get into the best shape of my life! This is fantastic.. but why does this enthusiasm go away by mid-February?  There is no doubt that it is difficult to stay motivated, which is why you need to have a game plan to keep your head in the game.  Here are some Tips to help keep the momentum up!

1. A Vision Board

Think of who and what motivates you and get a big bristol board or wall space and post pictures and quotes that you can look at daily to remind yourself why getting in shape is a goal for you.  Some examples: motivational quotes, pictures of your kids, pictures of the beach you’ll be on in the Spring, pictures of yourself when you were in the best shape of your life etc.  Make it personal, and make it meaningful!

2. Workout with a Partner

This is huge!  When there is someone you don’t want to let down, you are more likely to get up and out the door.  Also, having someone to experience the process with is great, because you can share the ups and downs and realize that you are not alone when you struggle to stay on track and keep going.  Choose a partner that you see as a positive energy in your life, and who is reliable and just as motivated as you are.  If you are thinking of doing personal training sessions with a partner, choose someone with similar goals and similar issues (i.e. injuries, strengths, weaknesses).  Partner training is a great way to get the personal training experience for a fraction of the cost.

3. Eat to thrive

Eating is one of the biggest things you can pay attention to.  Being the first week of January, I’m sure a you are feeling a little tired, sluggish, or even sick.  It is no coincidence that  you have just finished a whole lot of holiday eating and drinking.  The food you eat will either help you thrive or make you feel helpless and like your motivation is fading to nothing.  There is no complicated diet you need to follow.  Eat whole foods that your find in the produce section of the grocery store, buy organic meat and fish, and get lots of good fats like nuts, seeds and oils like olive oil and coconut oil.  Of course, if you are suffering from specific issues, check in with a holistic nutritionist for some advice on how to eat specifically for your own issues.  If you need help when it comes to nutrition, I am here to help.  Get in touch for a free consult.

4. Figure out what excites you

There is lots of information you will find on the internet.  Many people think they know the ultimate way to exercise for you to get results.  The truth of the matter is, you need to find something you actually like to do, otherwise the stress of getting it done, will counter all the positive effects of exercise.  Yoga, strength training, running, zumba, martial arts, pole dancing, ballet.. you name it.  The one rule of thumb I would recommend would be to switch it up.  Don’t let your body get used to a limited range of motion.  Move your body in any and all directions.  If there is pain, it is a message from your body to pay attention.  Don’t ignore that message!  Do some myofascial release (foam rolling) or seek professional help if the pain is more than just a tweak.

5. Devise the plan

Get a weekly calendar and write down your schedule.  Now that you have figured out what you want to do and who you want to do it with, write it down in your calendar and keep it as a non-negotiable.  It is an appointment in your schedule that cannot be moved!  You have now decided what you are going to do and who you are going to do it with.  Let’s say you have decided to exercise 3 times a week.  On Tuesdays you are going to go for a run.  On Thursdays you are going to work with your partner and a personal trainer, and on Sundays you are going to do yoga.  Write them down, post it on your fridge, make it your screen saver, put it in your iCalendar with reminders set.  Do whatever you need to do to keep this schedule a priority in your week.  Check in every month and see what you can do to improve it or change it to make it work better for you.

Cheers to 2015 being your most motivated year yet!  Let’s get it!


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